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HOA ▶ Bill of Rights

Post original on 10Oct17, revised 23March18
Re: California Davis-Stirling Law ▶ Google ▶ Amazon ▶ SlideshowPDFIf you live in a common interest development, aka homeowners association (HOA), as most are doing in the Temescal Valley (and some 9 million throughout California), you should have a reference to the DAVIS-STIRLING LAW (DSL). ▶ This site does not give legal advice
▶ PRIVACY STATEMENT▶ Under DSL, a developer of a common interest development is able to create a homeowner association (HOA) to govern the development. As part of creating the HOA, the developer records a document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) against the units or parcels within the HOA with the county recorder. So, first and foremost, the HOA is an invention for real estate developers and a consequence for homeowners who buy into HOAs. Even though it is not a governmental entity, but a private business, the HOA operates like an “alternate …

Pension Link ▶ California

Rapid development of Inland Empire communities?
Consider The Pensions Link! Many residents in the Temescal Valley are perplexed about the constant growth of this area, including traffic congestion that plagues the valley. Some believe the growth explosion has much to do with the attempts by local cities, counties, and other public entities to meet unfunded mandates for public employee pensions. Development provides perpetual revenues. The following data collection may underscore this theory. The pension obligations for local and state officials (most certainly including the state higher educational system) is astronomical. In fact, a search on TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA ▶ ▶ finds more than 1,000 records of real, raw data that is most worthy of this archive. Who in the California university system is most thankful for the state's most liberal pension plans, see TRANSPARENT CALIFORNIA? ▶ If you live in the Inland Empire of Southern Califo…

HOA ▶ Bill of Rights

CA Chapter 236 (SB 407) (2017) : Your HOA 'Bill of Rights' (now law)
At the closing of the 2017 California Legislature session the second week of September, one of the oblique (meaning little-observed) and almost anonymous laws that was passed and signed by Governor Brown had the title that is noted above and is now archived in the following post.  One week later, almost nothing about this story appears in the public press.  A Google search barely mentions the topic.

The subject of the law is a homeowners Bill of Rights for the some 9 million residents of common interest developments, aka homeowner associations (HOAs), some 45,000 different communities in the state.

Since the new HOA law essentially becomes a preamble for the state code that governs HOAs, the law known since 1985 as the Davis-Stirling Act (see video link below), one might wonder why this so-called "Bill …

FEMA ▶ Relief Story

During the ninth month of 2017, much of the USA (namely Florida and Texas) is gripped by the stories of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Jose as other could follow during what is known as the season.  One of the topics that immediately comes to mind during disasters is FEMA and disaster recovery.

FEMA THE STOREFRONT FOR DISASTER RELIEF A BACK ROOM OF HIDDEN AGENDAS is compiled from the experiences of a veteran FEMA housing inspector, and via his dedicated research pertaining to FEMA's disaster relief programs, Chad Beckwith Smith unravels the labyrinth of the agency's inner workings, its suspect affiliations with multi-national corporations, and reveals the truth that has been shrouded in secrecy. In this explosive expose', shocking revelations finally permit a complete but disturbing view of FEMA's true mission. From Hurricane Andrew to Katrina and beyond, the door that has successfully hidden its secrets is now ajar.

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